Hepatitis B (HBV)

Hepatitis B Virus

It is estimated that in 2015, 257 million people were living with chronic hepatitis B infection (defined as hepatitis B surface antigen positive).


As for 2016, 27 million people (10.5% of all hepatitis B patients) were aware of their infection,


while 4.5 million (16.7%) of the people diagnosed were on treatment.

What is Hepatitis B Virus

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver and can cause both acute and chronic diseases.

High risk of death from cirrhosis and liver cancer.

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis B?

Most people do not experience any symptoms when newly infected. However, some people have acute illness with symptoms that last several weeks, including:
Some acute hepatitis B patients may experience acute liver failure, or even death.