Only need drops of blood


Self-test at home, avoid embarrassment


Get result after 15 min

Test for FOUR STIs at ONE time

Care About You and Your Partner

How it works

Finger prick
1. Finger-prick to let blood out
Add buffer to blood sample
2. Use pipette to draw blood
STI test result in 15 min
3. Get result after 15 min

More Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions below, or contact cs@staysafe.com.hk for more information.

When should I test after last high-risk sexual behavior?

The time between one infection and when a test can reliably detect that infection is window period. Different STIs have different window periods, and it depends on test methods. These four STIs (HIV, HBsAg, TP and HSV-2) have window periods up to 12 weeks. Although encouraging, a Negative result may not be accurate until 12 weeks after possible infection in case the person has not yet made antibodies. You can perform this test 4 weeks later since your last high-risk sexual behavior, and should check every 4 weeks until 12 weeks.

How accurate is the staysafe® 4-in-1 STI Rapid Test?

Beyond the window period, the sensitivity and specificity of staysafe® 4-in-1 STI Rapid Test are as below:


Sensitivity Specificity
HIV 99.31% 100%
HBsAg 100% 99.68%
TP 100% 99.58%
HSV-2 98.11% 98.64%


Caution: staysafe® 4-in-1 STI Rapid Test will only give preliminary results. It cannot be used for diagnosis of infections.

Is finger-prick test safe?

Yes, finger-prick test is safe, easy and convenient, so you can perform the test at home. We provide BD Microtainer® Contact-Activated Lancet which is sterile and barely hurt.


In addition, our test uses inactivated antigen and we provide with alcohol pad in case of additional infection.

What do I do if my result is Positive?

If your result indicates HIV Positive, do not panic. You MUST consult a healthcare professional who will confirm your result.

1. Please call AIDS Hotline (2780 2211) or Gay Men HIV Testing Hotline (2117 1069) for an urgent appointment
2. 2. You may contact one of government and/or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide confirmatory test, such as AIDS Concern, Community Health Organisation for Intervention, Care and Empowerment, Hong Kong ADIS Foundation, Midnight Blue, Rainbow of Hong Kong.
3. You may consult with your family doctor to have a confirmatory test.


If your result indicates HBsAg/TP/HSV-2 Positive, you should consult a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Do not take medication without prescription, as it may cause serious health problems to you and your partner. You may seek help from a nearby Social Hygiene Clinic (Male) or Social Hygiene Clinic (Female).

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